Royal Review : The Travon Martin Case / Zimmerman Murder Trial


Up until now i have held my peace concerning this case because i didn’t feel like i knew enough information to justify my opinion. One of my pet peeves is that today’s bloggers/journalist give snapshot feedback on current events and not a fair, accurate, review and opinion on what they understand to have happened. This blog and I will never be like that.  Now that, that is out of the way, back to my opinion on this issue.

At first listen it seemed like the typical racial profiling case that we have all become accustom to hearing about but as this trial has gone on we see there is in fact more to the story. Yes i feel like racial profiling is a huge part of the case but not the only part.

Here is what I feel like we all know happened and can agree on (even if we don’t agree with the details of the event)

1) Travon was walking innocently/legally to the apartment where he was staying at.

2) Zimmerman saw Travon and called non emergency

3) Zimmerman was instructed NOT to leave his vehicle

4) Zimmerman DID get out of his vehicle

5) There was some type of confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon *** (i will elaborate on this point later)

6) Trayvon was shot and killed by a bullet in his heart

7) Zimmerman is the confessed shooter.

Those 7 points, regardless of how you feel, are indeed true and there is evidence from both sides that supports these points.

Based on these 7 facts alone there is only 1 conclusion : Zimmerman Shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

This fact alone has caused many of you to ask Why do we even have a trial going on? Well, in the United States you are innocent until Proven guilty. And while Zimmerman has confessed to shooting Trayvon they question of WHY he did it is the center piece of the trial.

Which brings me to the one moment where the details matter. The confrontation between Zimmerman and Tryavon.

This matters because Zimmerman is claiming that because he was fearful of his life , he shot Trayvon as a matter of self defense. Now, ladies and gentleman, we have a court case. If it is true that Zimmerman was defending himself then the fatal gun shot (even being to an innocent indvidual ) would be justified and thus no crime committed. The challenge is proving that Zimmerman in fact was in danger for his life. Which takes us back to the confrontation.  

We know for a fact that Zimmerman and Trayvon got into a physical confrontation. And as much as we (people on Trayvon’s side) want to believe this was a simple point and shoot death it indeed was not. There WAS a fight between Zimmerman and Trayvon and unfortunately given the physical evidence it was going to be a fight Zimmerman would lose had Trayvon continued. We can argue all day who was on top or bottom and how many times Zimmerman’s head was banged against that concrete the fact of the matter is Zimmerman and Trayvon were indeed in some type of physical exchanged that ended up with Zimmerman killing Trayvon.

Allow me to play devil’s advocate.

Looking at the physical match up between the two its clear Trayvon had the advantage here is how the New Your Daily News describes the two

Defense attorney Don West had argued the texts were evidence that 17-year-old Martin, whom a police report described as 6 feet tall and 160 pounds, was a skilled fighter. By contrast, the pudgy Zimmerman, who lawyers said was 5 feet, 9 inches tall and 195 pounds at the time, has been portrayed by defense witnesses as an inept brawler

 Read more:

 In the event of a physical fight Yes Zimmerman could be at a a disadvantage. Here you are thinking you are protecting your area and this kid starts beating the crap out of you. Knowing you can’t fight you resort to your only means of defense. Your gun. and BAM PROBLEM SOLVED.

What was Zimmerman thinking after that shot? Was he proud of what he did? Was he in shock? Did he know it was a fatal shot? What if the reality of killing someone , a teenage boy hit him so hard after the moment that it made him stay until the police arrived. What if this poor short fat ill-capable man was afraid of the big black teenager in the hoodie that was giving him a old fashion street beat down. Maybe, just maybe, he really was afraid . Maybe that was him screaming for help , anyone , someone. help me. and having no way out and fearing for his poor life he takes the gun and shoots him. Knowing what he had done he didn’t run away or try to hide. He had no other choice, he had to shoot him, he didn’t mean to kill him but he had to shoot him. He had to stop the attack he was under and he had to tell the police what he had done. He had to make sure the world knew he was just trying to help and in the midst got in to deep and had to dig his way out. He is a good man that caught up in a bad situation.

Ya know all of that sounds good. All of it almost sound believable until you hear the rest of the fact that all point to this being a crime and not self defense.

According to Zimmerman on the 911 recordings he  is following Trayvon and he says Trayvon looks at him and then starts walking away. At this point the officer ask “are you following him” and Zimmerman responds “Yes” to which the officer says “We don’t need you to do that.” Those instructions were given by law enforcement. “We don’t need you to do that” and what does Zimmerman do? Gets out the car anyway.

To me the case is closed at this point. The Fact of this case is that had George Zimmerman stayed in his car Trayvon Martin would be alive.

But he didn’t stay in his car  Zimmerman got out his car and got into a physical altercation with Trayvon.  Lets look at what happened next from Trayvon’s point of view.

You are walking back from the store to your parents house in on a dark raining night. Everything seems cool until you notice a “creepy ass cracker” that keeps following you and acting suspicious. You turn around on the next corner to see who exactly keeps following you. You decide to just head home and get out of harms way when all-of-a-sudden  you hear the car door open and the same creepy dude from earlier get out of the car.  Hearing him get closer you turn around to figure out what this dude’s problem is.

The central question is not so much why did Zimmerman shoot but why did Trayvon have to fight? Why was there ever a physical fight to begin with? What would turn a trip from the store to get candy and a Arizona Iced Tea to home into a fight and shoot out?

George Zimmerman had to do something to Trayvon that made him stop trying to get home and made him start fighting for his life.

“You got a problem mutha fucka” Zimmerman says Trayvon said

“No” he supposedly replied

“Well you got one today mutha fucka”

And he did have a problem. Zimmerman playing super-save-a-ho-rent-a-cop had ran up on the wrong “Fucking Punk ” before he had a chance to “get away” which Zimmerman says “Always happens”

Trayvon tired of being stalked no doubt threw the can of Arizona tea to the side and served up Zimmerman a can of ice cold whoop-ass.

There they are Zimmerman and Trayvon scrapping , throwing bows. Trayvon standing his ground and defending himself from some paranoid jerk, Zimmerman thinking he is defending his recently terrorized suburb from a potential future crime , entangled together , fist throwing , punches, blows, and then a fall. Trayvon had gotten the best of Zimmerman. But Zimmerman had an ace in the hole . His gun.

Kept in the a holster on the waist of his pants his gun was locked and loaded and ready. During the scuffle Trayvon could have been the one who realized he was now in over his head and as a last result of his self defense he does the only thing he can do ….scream for his life.

There is one 911 call where you can hear the screams

Help, Helllllp . Help Me…… (BANG)……….a deafening silence fills your ears. The fatal blown was given at it was the one from George Zimmerman’s Gun. Trayvon lay dead on the ground.

No one knows what exactly happened between these two but something DID happen. And as much as i would love to try to play devil’s advocate for Zimmerman i simply can’t. Now he claims he was the one calling for help. My question is if you have the gun..why do you need help? Also it is clear that the voice on the tape is toned higher and sounds utterly desperate. If you were being attacked soo hard how did you have time to get your gun and be yelling at the top of your lungs for dear life. If it was Zimmerman yelling for dear life why did the screams IMMEDIATELY stop after the shot. Would you not still need help? If you felt like your life was in danger wouldn’t that be your first statement to police. Wouldn’t you continue to call for help . If Trayvon was so much stronger and bigger than Zimmerman why was their no struggle for the gun? 

A clean shot straight into the heart.

Trayvon dead. Zimmerman On Trial.

All we can do is pray for justice. Yes i concede that Trayvon may have whooped George Zimmerman’s ass and good ole boy Zimmy proudly couldnt handle the beat down but at the end of the day He killed Trayvon with a single close range shot.

One thing he will ALWAYS be guilty of is Murder.

The Kyng Has Spoken …



DLS: The Perfect Man Pt 3



“Damn Kendall” Jordan moaned as I bit his neck. 


4 am with nothing but basketball shorts and a white T-Shirt between me and Jordan’s skin, I was going in for the kill. I was going to take down the hottest guy I have ever met and nothing was going to stop me.


Gay Sex. Society has deemed it taboo and dirty. Some laws criminalize it and the church calls it ungodly.


I call it natural.


The one thing society got correct about gay sex is that it is different. When two males come together you have two dominate energies combining for the greater sexual experience of both participants. The pleasure comes when one dominate energy consciously, becomes a submissive energy. The difference between this combination and the one between a male and female is that males remain dominate even in the submissive position. Although one chose or preferred the submissive position there was still a stronger, internal, instinctive urge to dominate. With two males it is almost never who is doing who, the question is what weapon you use to get the job done.  This is another key difference between two males and the male/female combination; males after a certain point will always make sure the job is done.  Once the engine is cranked ,the car had to be driven and while woman can easily turn the faucet off, a man was going to finish no matter what.  


This well known fact worked for my advantage,  despite  his earlier protest I knew if I pressed the right buttons  Jordan would be “on” and while he may not let me go all the way I know he was going to make sure we both came away from the situation happy


“Oh…oh ..shit dude  th-th-that’s my spot” Jordan moaned again


By now I was just below his pieced belly button. As my tongue outlined the V shape on his toned lower body,  Jordan’s piece pressed harder and harder against the basketball shorts he was wearing, at times pulsing hard enough to make the waistband rise off his petite waist and cause the tip to tap on my chest as I continued to make my way downtown.  Just as I reached his waistband and pulled it back with my teeth his strong hand grabbed my head.


“You gotta stop dude” Jordan said desperately fighting for control

“Im just getting started” I said grabbing his rock hard piece with my hand.

Jordan shot straight up in the bed “No, not yet babe, I’m just not that type of guy”  


“Damn!” I thought in my head. “Ok boo so what you want to do” I said trying to be considerate and semi intimate. After all I didn’t know this dude and I was in his bedroom. Had the balls been in my court things would have been different.


“Let me give you a preview of what I can do if you stay around” Jordan replied suddenly sounding more aroused than before.


“That’s what’s up “ I said laying down on the bed

It may not be the main course  but this appetizer would be just fine.


Jordan climbed on top of me, his perfectly plump seat pressed against my perfectly pointed member. He begins to grind his hips in a slow circular motion. I bite my lip trying to show some self control . Gay sex was about dominance at the root so even if you were playing the submissive role you still were trying to bring your partner to climax from the expert skills you performed with.

Jordan pulled my jeans down with his teeth and then once again rode my piece nothing but the thin line of my boxer briefs between us. He was now in nothing but his underwear. The grinding was so intense the thin layers of fabric could of caught fire for the burning underneath. Throbbing and pulsing our two members at full attention.


Eruption was now the mission, no longer an option.


Jordan leaned down over my body. Foot to foot. Leg to leg. Piece to piece. chest to chest. lips to lips. He lifted his head up and looked at me. “I want you” I said “I want you too” he replied “But tonight lets jack off”  not the answer I wanted but at this point the pressure was unbearable . His hand on mine my hand on his our lips locked in intense passions. Each stroke tighter and faster than the one before.

To be holding someone’s actual physical sex in the palm of your hand was incredible. Your hands are how you feel and are in contact with the world. To be holding his member in my hands means I literally had him in the palm of my hands. I controlled his pleasure he controlled mine.  Holding his sex I felt the blood pulsing up and down his shaft , each stroke causing him to get harder and harder     “Im…im bout to ..” Jordan tried to say but his speech slurred and finally the eruption came and long ropes of sexual lava oozed from his now red volcano. Watching him boil over cause my body to quake and before the last drops for Jordan passion flowed over my finger tips my passion shot across my body and his covering us both in lines of white.


“Damn.” We both said, while enjoying the euphoria and temporary paralysis that occurred after climax.


Ask any woman and she will tell you the 5 minute window after a man’s climax is one of the most critical. Its during these moments that signs of intimacy or strategy are shown and by strategy I mean Exit strategy. This reaction doesn’t change when two male partners are involved but the times of strategy tend to occur more often than intimacy. Two male partners had one advantage over the male female connection , while most women needed or yearned for those precious post climax intimacy moments, most men had  an exit strategy before the climax was reached. The ability to turn off all emotions regarding sex after physical stimulation is one that seems to be engrained in the male DNA.


Being a male I was now faced with intimacy or strategy …having reached climax with a guy I never even though would give me the time of day , I had decided an exit strategy would be best. I got what I wanted. I saw what I wanted. Plus Jordan would never want to date a basic guy like me.

I lay there thoughts swirling ..  Yes he is cute. Yes he promised there would be more to come but I didn’t know him. Furthermore I had given up on men . I wasn’t out at school. What would people think? But it was really good sex.  And what if it was meant for me to meet this guy. I had to get out before it was too late. I looked at Jordan as he walked toward the closet to get us towels to clean up with

“Damn Jordan that was amazing” I said as I begin to gather my things

“Yea …It was” Jordan said softly and still in a light daze

Beep Beep. My phone’s text alert went off breaking the awkward silence. The cakes had been freshly baked between Braxton and Jordan’s brother Tye in the living room

“You  ready?” the text from Braxton said I responded “Yea”

 “Whew” I thought to myself  “saved by the text message time to bounce”

I put on my pants and shirt and prepared to leave.

“Well it’s been real” I said to Jordan who was now laying back down in the bed slowly drifting to sleep.

Yea it has been” Jordan responded “You have the number right

Yea I said now standing at his bed room door .

 I had made it. I was literally one step away from leaving and I had no intention of calling back. The remnants of sex wearing off I could think clearly. This isn’t who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do….or so I thought. Just as turned the doorknob and told Jordan Goodbye he said the one sentence that changed everything



“Please don’t forget about me” Jordan said in a soft compassionate sweet voice

I stopped in place. What to say ? What to do?

“I won’t…I promise” I said and walked out the door.

Michelle Williams New Gospel Single

(Click the title for the link) I am SOOOOOO Excited that my Michelle is BACK and she is doing Gospel. While i feel like given the right arrangement she could sing anything (I am a proud owner of Unexpected her dance cd) Gospel is the genre that she is most respected in . This is a teaser of her new singe and yes sir yes ma’am i am here for it !! Go Off Michelle and remind these hoes of who you are !

DLS: The Perfect Man Part II

Jordan Knicks. A slam-dunk of a man if I ever saw one (no pun intended) Standing at 5’9 he was the perfect height for me, only being 5’8 with shoes on. (I had a thing about guys; I liked them to be taller than me or shorter than me, even if it was by an inch) He had broad shoulders like he played football through high school with the big hands to match. His chest supported his strong shoulders but was not built or defined like them. Instead, Jordan’s pecks were small, tight, soft and only mildly defined. They were perfect because they easily melted into his perfectly flat stomach which was adorned with a diamond belly ring. Below the ring, a small petite 31-inch waist forming an upside down triangle out of the first half of his body.

This is the closest thing to a coke bottle shape you could get from a male body.

His skin, a smooth shade of caramel and he smelled just as sweet. The deep inward curve in his back was the perfect trail for your eyes to walk as it leads to the caramel cakes below. Below the human confectionary items I lusted after were a pair of legs woman would kill for, complete with feet some men would kill themselves over. His face always clear and the crown jewel of his look was the body part he looked at me with, His eyes, a perfect blend of hazel and green.

Jordan’s body had an equal balance of feminine and masculine features. It resembled in the flesh what most gay men had to perform in the mind. Finding that balance between the flaming queens that Hollywood had glamorized, which were now the stereotype for gay men and the ,“DL” “undercover”, overly-masculine men Oprah and the majority of “strong” black women had demonized. Some had mastered this act; others fell off the proverbial cliff and dived head first to one extreme or the other. The question remained was it a self imposed dive or just the way it had to be?

That question remained unanswered, and so did Jordan’s “Can I help you?”

We had been standing on the landing for his apartment for about five minutes. It was a random midnight “stroll” for my friend Braxton that had brought me here. Braxton was supposed to be meeting up with Jordan’s brother Tye.

“Yea I’m here for Tye” Braxton said lowering his voice an octave “he said you knew we were coming”

“Oh really now?” Jordan said turning to Tye when he was done. Tye looked like a deer in the headlights. “Hold on one second” Jordan said closing the door partially. Braxton and I leaned in to hear what was happening

“So you inviting niggas over to my house at this time of morning now ?” Jordan spoke to Tye . We couldn’t tell if he was mad or surprised or both .

“Come on bro you know how we get down” Tye said trying to cool the situation down.

“Ok fine, only because I’m in a good mood” Jordan said opening the door, “Come in boys”

We walked in and were invited to sit on the floor in the living room. The apartment was a nice size. It had minimum furniture, a few chairs, a dining room table, a TV, stereo and a box full of DVD’s and xbox games.

“Excuse the mess I wasn’t expecting company” Jordan said giving Tye a serious side-eye

“You were at the club and I was bored so I found something to do” Tye responded

“More like someone to do” I mumbled just loud enough for Braxton to hear me

“Bitch” Braxton said pushing me in my side

“So what are you two doing up so late” Jordan said offering us a seat on the floor

Braxton was slightly embarrassed so I spoke for him “Well I think you know why he is here” I said looking from Braxton to Tye and then back to Braxton again “But I am here to make sure ya’ll niggas ain’t crazy”

“That’s a good friend”  Jordan said “People are crazy now-a-days , that’s why you can’t invite any and everyone over to your house” Jordan said again looking at Tye.

We found out later that Jordan was Tye’s older “Brother” they were not related by blood but as was the case for most young gay guys, your family were the other gays that accepted you when society didn’t.  A part of being the older brother was to watch over the younger brother and Jordan seemed dead set on making this a teaching moment for Tye. I decided to chime in to break the growing awkwardness in the room

“We got to look out for these kids” I said patting Braxton on the head , I was 2 years older than him so I took this as my chance to pull out my own big brother card. “But I promise I’m not crazy and we mean you no harm”

“Well what about him?” Jordan said pointing to Braxton

“Huh?” I replied

“Well you said YOU weren’t crazy, you didn’t say anything about him” Jordan said smirking at Braxton.

Braxton was not amused and had began to look like he was completely done with the situation

“I can’t speak for him” I said looking at Jordan a little harder than before “I can only speak for myself”

“hmm and what is it that you want to talk about mister….” He waited for me to fill in the blank

“Kendall” I said extending my hand “Kendall B Jacobs the third and you are?

“Jordan, Jordan Knicks the first” he said with a laugh

“Jordan, nice “I responded giving him the look over again “really nice to meet you”

Jordan noticed I was starting to flirt with him and blushed. “So what brings you to charlotte?” he said trying to change the subject”

For the next 20 minutes Jordan and I and Tye and Braxton made small talk discovering our various who, what, when, where, and whys

“I’m getting sleepy” Jordan said dropping a not so subtle hint he was ready to exit the room.

“Yea let’s leave these kids alone” I said standing up

We walked in to Jordan’s bedroom. I sat on the bed

“Make yourself comfortable” Jordan said as he removed his shirt leaving nothing but a t shirt on.

I slipped off my shoes and shirt and laid on the bed. Jordan switched out his jeans for a pair of basketball shorts that showed off the basketball on his back perfectly.

“Damn” I said taking the view in

“Like what you see” Jordan said laughing

“Yea your beautiful” I responded

Jordan paused. It was like something caught him off guard.

He climbed into bed and laid next to me

“It’s not going to be that easy mister Jacobs” Jordan said laying on his stomach looking at me seductively.

“I like a challenge” I rebutted

“You couldn’t handle this even if you tried” he said inching closer to my face

“You are right IF I had to try” I said entering player mode and leaning closer to him “Truth is I don’t have to”

“And what makes you think that?” Jordan questions leaning back in offense

“The fact that I’m here, in your bed , and half naked”

“That doesn’t mean anything I wanted you to be comfortable”

“No you want me in your bed” I said staring intensely

“And so what if I did” Jordan said eyes becoming soft from the intensity of my eyes burning with a sudden passion “Like Beyonce said” Jordan begin to say  “you can look at it as long as you don’t …..”

I grabbed his face and kissed his lips “Grab it” I said my voice dropping an octave

Jordan was stunned but turned on all at the same time.

“Yea” He said rolling to lay on his back “Look Kendall you are nice and all but “

“But what” I interrupted leaning over him

“I don’t have sex on the first night” he said slowly melting into the pillow beneath him.

I got on top of him and leaned into his ear “Who said anything about sex” I said slowly allowing the warmth from my breath to flow over his ears and neck.

Jordan let out a soft moan. “No one I just don’t want you to get the wrong impression”

“I think I have the right impression and so does he” I said leaning back to reveal Jordan’s hardening solider standing at attention in his shorts. I leaned forward, closer and begin to whisper seductively in his ear

“Why are you holding back Jordan” I kissed the spot just below his ear, Jordan moaned again “I’m not here to hurt you” I started moving down his neck with my kisses

“We are just having fun right?” I worked my way back up his ear

“You can handle it right?”  Jordan’s body shivered under mine, each kisses cause him to tense up and release . His eyes were closed and he was drifting away in pleasure

“Of course I can handle it” he said suddenly coming back to earth.

“I mean no I don’t think we should”  he said

“Look at me and say that” I said still hovering over him. He opened his eyes and stared into mine

He looked yearning but was holding back.

I put my hand by his ear palming the side of his face. I had seen what I wanted and I was going in for the kill. He looked back at me

“I want you” he said pulling me down on him. Our lips joined and tongues collided in lustfully desire and passion. Mission Accomplished I thought access will soon be granted. I looked at the clock on the night stand 4 am. This wild night was quickly turning into a wild morning.

The Dirty Laundry Series: Story 1: The Perfect Man







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It was the summer before my sophomore year of college. One week until school started, to be exact. I was in the midst of RA training for the University when I got a text from my “sister” Braxton. He was in town from Atlanta visiting family, but wanted to get into some trouble before he left the Queen’s city. I told him I would be free after 10pm and to meet me on campus. As a RA I had a room to myself so I knew we would be able to plot and plan without interruption. Two twenty-year-olds with access to a car and limited supervision in a city like Charlotte was the perfect recipe for a wild night.  Or at least that’s what we thought.


It was Midnight and our wild night was nothing more than a trip to Wal-mart , Cook Out and back to the dorm. It was a Tuesday night and we weren’t both 21so that left one thing to do at that time of night go on a stroll.


A “stroll” or a “hoe stroll” as it is better known as, is when a person (or persons in our case) go out to meet another person (or “date”) with the express intent to have sex and nothing more. A stroll is the direct result of cruising. Cruising is when a person intentionally sets out to find a “date” via multiple mediums including but not limited to, the club, traditional social media such as Facebook or alternative hook up sites such as Adam-4-Adam, phone apps such as Grindr and last but not least the phone chat line.


Out of all the mediums used the chat line was the most dangerous and the most adventurous.  Users had to make choices based on a dying art form, the conversation.  While using the chat line you had only the person’s tone of voice and a descriptive message to decide if you would connect with the person on the other end of the phone.  With the creation of camera phones you could now get a picture sent too but, you also risked the chance of a psycho getting your number or in most cases, you find out that it was a 300-pound guy on the other end of the phone who just  happened to have a voice as tender and seductive as Brian McKnight’s singing voice. And although those types of guys wouldn’t be psycho (they were more lonely than anything else) they simply would not be able to grab the attention of a horny 20-year-old.  


 Never-the-less at the root of it all, it was fun and there was a 50/50 chance that the night would end in ecstasy so we took the chance. Since there were two of us we came up with a brilliant idea to call each other and the chat line on three-way so that way we didn’t have to share the same phone.

“What’s up you got a 25-year-old black male” the first voice said “looking to just chill and see what happens”

Braxton got excited; I clicked 3 to skip forward

“Bitch he sounded hot” Braxton complained

“He also sounded fake” I snapped back.

Truth be told I had become an expert on the Chat line. 2 years worth of chatting in high school I knew all the games guys would play.




The next voice played “Hello Gentlemen I’m a 23 year old T girl” 

“Seven!” Braxton and I said immediately in unison, followed by a laugh. Seven was the code to block any callers you were not interested in. And T girls or transsexuals were not on the menu.


By 1:30 am I had grown tired of the merry-go-round that comes along with phone hook ups so I let Braxton hold the line as I mentally prepared to call the night quits. Just as I was about to doze off Braxton had made a connection and was ready to go on a stroll. I looked at the clock and realized it was 2 AM.

“He is too fine” Braxton said showing me the new picture mail on his phone.  On screen was a dark skin guy, looked about 5’8, 150 with long dreads pulled back into a pony tail.

“He’s cute” I replied passing the phone back.

Braxton rolled his eyes. He knew my type, and the John Doe he was showing me wasn’t it.

“I’m going with you,” I said getting up out the bed, “you aren’t from here and I’ll be damned if my sister gets caught up by one of these Charlotte niggas. Where did you say he stayed?

“The Eastside” he replied.

My heart sunk. I had just broken up with my first love and he stayed on the east side. What if this mystery man had any connections with my ex? Braxton saw the face I was making

“Everything okay girl?” he asked

“Yea,” I said shaking it off “The Eastside…you know that’s the hood”

“I like hood niggas” he replied as we walked out the door.


As we drove to the eastside my thoughts raced.

Up until the moment I got Braxton’s text, I had chosen that I would be celibate and give up dealing with guys. I wasn’t ‘out’ at school and now that class was about to be back in session I didn’t want anyone to know about me or my lifestyle. I looked up and mentally prayed “Just this last stroll God….and then I will be done.”


We reached the mystery man’s porch and Braxton asked me about my new vow

“So be for real Kendell, you really not getting down no more?” he asked flatly without any hope or faith in me at all.

“Yes” I replied seriously “ Unless he is the perfect man,” I said half joking , half fantasizing .

“Let me guess” Braxton said ready to cut me off

“Light skin , green eyes “ we said in unison. We both laughed.


Braxton and I had been friends since high school and he (and all close friends knew) my fantasy of having a light skin man with green eyes.  There was something about having any type of colored eyes that made a man irresistible to me, being light skin was just a bonus. 


Braxton knocked on the apartment door and I walked toward the end of the apartment landing (we were on the second floor). As I walked away from the apartment door I mentally drew images of this perfect man while simultaneously surveying the land to see if we were at least in a safe neighborhood. More than a minute had passed so Braxton knocked on the door again. I continue with our conversation with my back turned, still looking across the apartment complex’s property

 “But I know the odds of me finding that perfect man in Charlotte are slim to none” I said just as the door to the apartment opened behind me.  “Hello?” I heard a male voice behind me say followed by a short gasp by Braxton.

 “Hey” Braxton said trying to sound cool while catching his breath “Kendell come here” he said anxiously”

I turned around and immediately I understood why Braxton had gasp.

“Can I help you” the unfamiliar voice said stepping into the light on the landing.

 My jaw dropped.


Light Skin.

Green Eyes.


Braxton and I stood their shocked and then I looked up “God” I said mentally “either you have the greatest sense of humor in the world or I just met my perfect man …”


To Be Continued   


The Dirty Laundry Series: Intro


Hello my Guys Girls and Gays,

So my favorite child of destiny , Ms Kelly Rowland recently released a very personal and intimate track callled Dirty Laundry. Essentially Kelly takes the time to share some of her deepest and darkest feelings, emotions, and situations she was facing while in Destiny’s Child and as a new solo artist. She told billboard that it was “very emotional” recording the track but being pushed by super producer The Dream she chose to be raw and honest to connect with her fan base. Somehow i know it was theraputic for her so i can’t help if it will be the same for me …

That being said i have decided to release by dirty laundry. I’m going to reveal some of my most intimate and secret experiences i have faced in these short 25 years of life. 

I want to do this for 2 reasons. The first  and most important reason is  to help. I feel like if i share my story other people will learn, grow, be able to adapt, and do better in their life.  The second reason is Self-Therapy. A lot of you only know the happy flamboyant life-of-the-party Kyng J  very few…and i mean VERY few know the dark clouds that have flown over my sun.

Am i scared to share this information …yes …but for some reason i have soo much peace of mind about it . There are hurting people out there and maybe….just maybe  if i share my hurt someone wont hurt as bad as i do .

The first entry to the Dirty Laundry Series will drop next week…..stay tuned

The Kyng has Spoken . . .

Shawty Lo New Show. Its Offical Black America we failed.

Move over Cosby Family, Move over My Wife and Kids, Move over 1 on 1, Move over Family Matters, Hell move over Chance and Eddie from Noah’s Arc …move over every other positive black family image that has made it to television because Shawty Lo and all 10 of his baby mama’s are coming to Oxygen next year!

you can check out the details of the show from a great article from News 1 by clicking ths link

Shawty Lo . His 10 baby mamas, 11 children, and 19 year old girlfriend. Photo credit to Oxygen.

Shawty Lo . His 10 baby mamas, 11 children, and 19 year old girlfriend. Photo credit to Oxygen.


In short Shawty Lo and all ten of his baby mamas have been given a reality TV show depicting their lives and struggles and drama that is sure to ensue amongst them. Not only is it the the 10 baby mamas,  but its 11 kids, oh and did i mention a “girlfriend” who is 19 which is like a year older than his oldest child (shaking my damn head….. i cant even put it in short hand)

Yep! This is what the Black family image has come to on American Cable Television.

And as disappointing as i am that this was even thought of and promoted on Mainstream TV, I can not put any blame but on anyone but us! BLACK PEOPLE!

Although I may not use perfect grammar and editing on my blog (frankly i don’t feel like i have to write in perfect prose to express my feelings about the world) I do have a B.A. in Communication with a specific interest in Journalism and a concentration in American Political Studies. And if there is one thing I know from studying and participating in the media industry (and even more so in politics) that television (and politicians )  gives (and tell) people what they want (and what they want to hear).

Im sure there is a valid argument to be made about the rich white executives who are behind this mess but ladies and gentlemen the blame is on YOU the TV watching public.

Anyone who knows me personally know that from day ONE of garbage “reality” shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Flavor of Love and Bad Girls Club I have LOATHED and spoken out against and DARE NOT watch a single episode of that mess. (I usually don’t stand on my soap box about things but after seeing countless news reports about episodes of women fighting , bitching, and pulling each other weaves out just to come back and either fight some more or make up about the whole situation in the reunion show I decide that I just couldnt and wouldnt support such garbage).

Not only is every show concept the same what makes me even more upset is people flocking (like grandma to see her day time soaps in the country)  to see what the latest drama or cat fight is and then (thanks to twitter) stan for these people who actually have no other career or accreditation to their name BUT the reality show ( reference Kim from RHOA back story)

It is this uniformed flock and trend (as expressed on social networks whenever the show is airing ) that has allowed for one show to beget another show, which spins off to ANOTHER show, which expands to the SAME show in different cities.

All the same shit, with a different cast based on location , wealth, and race.

Meanwhile executives are making bank because guess what? what they don’t get from black tv views, they will recast and make white and get the trailer park viewers. What they don’t get from low income white viewers, they will repackage and present with upper class more rich affluent cast. (Im just waiting on Real House Wives of  Mexico and Little China next)

As mad as I (and some of you) are about this mess that Shawty Lo and his harem will be presenting next year on Oxygen  i cant help but tell you that it is your fault that it is happening.

We allowed the ratings to sore for these shows and support the garbage they present FULL HEARTLEDLY and sooooo having seen that we will watch (buy into, support, promote,) ANYTHING …TV exects  will continue to DE-evolve television because (guess what you guys ( Drum Roll please……..)  they know you will watch it.

And if you are not watching Black America best believe the World and White America is watching . Watching and laughing all the way to the Bank

Meanwhile this is the legacy we leave behind for the next generation.

I can’t I just can’t

The Kyng Has Spoken (and almost barfed)

The Christmas Spirit Found!

(Thanks to a sudden case of the stomach flu yesterday I didn’t get to realease this blog post but the spirit of the post (although late) remains the same.

Family, gifts giving, gift receiving, food, drinks, holiday music  NOTHING was putting me in the Christmas spirit. And then it happened.

Im in Oklahoma for the holiday visiting my Brother and we all went to a Christmas Eve service. I won’t get into the religious aspects of the service or that of Christmas (frankly speaking having grown up strict Christian even THAT get old after awhile)  because that , although how beautiful it was , was not the thing that finally put that cheer in my heart. No no it wasn’t the songs, or the candle lighting, the Christmas scriptures or the communion but it was what happen after all that , that made my heart grow from “two sizes too small”  (did you catch the reference)

As we walked out of the muti racial mid sized “mega church” in broken arrow Oklahoma suddenly the magic word were said and my Grinch Spirit was broken

“Merry Christmas brother!” “Merry Christmas Sister !” “Merry Christmas Children !”

Here we were random black folk from South Carolina in church we have never attended but non of that matter the people reached out and hugged us and wished us “Merry Christmas” like we were family. It was contagious . From young to old, black, white, native american it ranged through the sanctuary from person to person “Merry Christmas Merry Christmas” accompanied with big smiles, church hugs, and firm handshakes where applicable.

It finally hit me. The Christmas spirit . That magical moment (and literally sometimes it is just a moment) where your heart is over taken by joy, you have a smile brighter and bigger than the Christmas Eve moon, and you have the uncontrollable urge to hug the closet person.

This beautiful moment of humanity and instantaneous out pouring of love for people that just walked in to their church (late no less) was powerful enough to believe in the human spirit after the tragedy of a gunman walking into an elementary school.

Maybe all hope isn’t lost after all

The Kyng Has SpokenImage

Morning Wood The SOLUTION (Hillarious)

As i was going through my Twitter feed this morning (don’t ask what i was searching ) I found this HILARIOUS

courtesy of Google images

courtesy of Google images

post about the problems with Morning Wood and that ever faithful morning potty break. Seriously EVERY guy should appreciate this blog. Not only is hit well written and funny as heck but, it actually offers real life solutions to the issues . Girls you may even get a good laugh too!! Click the link below for the blog.

Christmas Spirit …(sigh) Part II

Ok so its night before Christmas and all through the house , we’re trying to find the Christmas spirit like a cat chasing a mouse.

Sometimes find the Christmas spirit is harder than finding F*&ks to give about Brandy’s new album…but I digress.

So in part one we looked at finding the Christmas spirit in Gift Giving/Receiving …yea that didn’t work well so let explore another area Family.

Well we should find some Christmas Spirit here. Moms Dads Brothers Sisters Cousins Aunties Uncles Nieces Nephews all under one roof. All together in one place at one time. Throw in food, spiked egg nog, and Christmas wine and liquor and surely the Christmas spirit should be all around you like the glory of the Christ child in the manger !  Grandma backing cookies with the grand kids and all the aunties bring their favorite dish. Family pictures by the fireplace and Christmas lights watching.  I mean does it get any better than that? Are you tingling with Christmas Spirit yet ? Feeling like sugar plum fairies yet? LOL

No? Well let me count the ways

12 bad ass children

11 hours driving

10 farts from old folks

9 hours wit family

8 tacky sweaters

7 Family Photos

6 crying babies


4 cups of liquer

3 over full plates

2 first ready to punch

and 1 really really aggravated member of this freaking family!!!!!!!!!

Family, while precious ,after the initial 30 minutes is more likely to suck up the Christmas spirit out of you faster than the Dyson vacuum you bought grandma this Christmas. So no I guess we can’t count on family for Christmas spirit

So where exactly can we find this Christmas spirit ? I ‘ll give you my answer in the next blog post